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Air purifiers make wonderful gifts for anyone in your life who breathes. They’re a household necessity that people don’t often think to buy for themselves, and high-end purifiers are perfect for the person who you think has everything - everything, that is, except for cleaner indoor air. By giving them the gift of clean air, you’re showing them that you care about their well-being.

Are air purifiers a good gift?

Any time is a great time to share fresh air- Molekule is the perfect gift for holidays, birthdays, weddings, graduation, new babies, housewarmings, or just because. If you’re not convinced of the benefits an air purifier can bring to the homes of your family and friends, there’s a purifier for every friend in your life.

Who in your life needs cleaner air? For starters...

  1. The Fur Mommy and Daddy
    For the friend who owns cats, dogs, birds, or any warm-blooded creatures- make their home more hospitable (so you can enjoy going over more often, too). Molekule air purifiers trap pet hair and the dust fur babies bring in; and they reduce allergens by actually destroying pet dander at a molecular level. Not to mention the odors - a purifier by the litter box will do wonders, and say so long to that lingering wet dog smell. 

  2. The Child Wrangler
    Everyone with a kid knows they bring all kinds of stuff home from school with them, and spread it all around the house. Give your friends with kids the peace of mind clean air brings. Molekule air purifiers add a layer of protection from colds, flu viruses, RSV, and other germs by breaking these organic particles down at a molecular level. Plus, life can be extra stressful when caring for little ones, so the Auto Protect function and an auto-refill subscription mean they can set it and forget it, giving them a few less things to worry about.

  3. The Wellness Tech Geek 
    They track their steps, their sleep, take supplements, make a conscious effort to eat “clean,” follow Gwyneth religiously (and ironically), and they’re always first in line for the latest Apple product release. Molekule air purifiers enable your wellness tech junkie friend to track their air pollutants over time, in five minute increments or over the previous month. The app also allows them to control their fan speeds, Auto Protect, and subscribe replacement filters. They can also control and get air quality info when they connect their Molekule to Alexa. 

  4. The Night Owl
    Many tossers and turners underestimate the power of pink noise. Soothing quiet fan speeds can help muffle disruptive background noise and lull a restless mind into a peaceful slumber. Plus, a Molekule air purifier placed on their bedside table will capture pollutants that may enter their breathing zone, removing allergens, dust, and odors before they stir you out of your snooze.

  5. The Weezer
    Whether pollen, pet dander, or mold make them sneeze; or chemicals and particles from wildfire smoke have them reaching for the inhaler; they’ll appreciate the allergen-destroying capabilities of a Molekule air purifier. They’ll likely already know the importance of clean air, so they’ll be ever grateful and immediately understand the benevolent symbolism of this gift. 

  6. The Friend with an Allergic Dog
    Have a friend with an itching, sneezing dog who’s tried every drug, ointment, maybe even doggy acupuncture? Perhaps they’re forgetting the value of clean air. Many don’t realize that topical symptoms can actually be triggered by poor air quality, so Molekule air purifiers can help pet owners protect the air their beloved buddy breathes.
  7. The Sweet Friend with the Stinky House 
    They mean so well, and they’re a wonderful party guest or dinner date. But when invited to their house, you hesitate, knowing you’ll get a faceful of musty scents or cooking fumes upon entry. You know there’s no masking it- lighting scented candles just releases more harmful particles into the air, creating a grotty cocktail of smells. A Molekule purifier is the perfect gift for your friend living in a mildewy basement, a windowless apartment, or a house so old it may be haunted. The odor-absorbing PECO-HEPA Tri-Power filter will help get rid of those stinks in no time. 

  8. The Gourmand
    If they’re swirling and sniffing fancy wine at home, their air better be clean to ensure their palate is perfect. Your foodie friend will appreciate how Molekule’s Auto Protect function automatically reacts to dirty air the second it senses smoke or burnt food articles, odors from slightly over-ripe food, or rotting trash. An Air Mini+ in the kitchen is the ideal sous chef.

  9. The Design Guru
    Their life is perfectly curated and their home is practically an Apartment Therapy ad. But no matter how many house plants adorn their teak, hand-carved bookshelves, they need air purification to fight off-gassing from their fancy rug and vegan leather upholstery. A Molekule air purifier will act as a functional objet d’art that protects the air they breathe while maintaining their perfected home aesthetic.

  10. Your Number One
    You deserve it, for being so generous. Give yourself the gift of clean air and enjoy the peace of mind knowing Molekule air purifiers are working 24/7 to destroy bacteria, viruses, chemicals, airborne mold spores, allergens, and so much more. 

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