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For small rooms up to 250 sq ft

Air Pro

For spaces up to 1000 sq ft

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Clean air, year round.

Small chamber & swatch lab tests

Female working in the office with a mask on

Returning to work means taking steps to protect your space, including the air.

This guide outlines steps to empower employers and building operators to help create a more protected workspace. Molekule is a leader in the science of air purification.

Does HVAC alone provide the protection you need?

Learn about centralized airflow and how it may be affecting your workspace.

Learn about the benefits of localized air purification.

Discover how you can capture and destroy viruses and bacteria near the source, to deliver cleaner air to the breathing zone.

Protecting your workspace demands a step-by-step approach. Do you know what steps to take?

We’ve compiled and simplified a list of suggested steps from regulatory bodies that you can print and use as a starting point.

Download this guide to understand your air needs for your workspace.

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